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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Share Your Theater Story: Larry Rinkel

L-R my three great actors from the Maplewood production: Steve Shoup (nominated for best actor), Alice Rothman-Hicks, and Jack Turell.

Thanks to Larry Rinkel for sharing his theater success and for his kind acknowledgement of NYCPlaywrights. Glad we can help!

I consult nycplaywrights.org daily for submission opportunities. My short farce "The Fable of January and May," a modern-verse adaptation of "The Merchant's Tale" from Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," was originally written for a competition at UrbanStages where it was a semi-finalist. I then directed the play for Long Island City's Secret Theatre 1-Act Festival in May 2017, and later for Maplewood, NJ's ThinkFast Festival in February 2018, where it was nominated for best play. All three opps from nycplaywrights.org.

~ Larry Rinkel
If you would like to share your theater story please do - send your story - and pix if available to story@nycplaywrights.org

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Share Your Theater Story: Jennifer O'Grady

From the production of PERSEPHONE: (left) Kendell Katz and (right) Lynda Rettick

I find your site invaluable. In fact, NYCPlaywights is often the only place I look for submission calls. One of many opps I learned about on NYCPlaywrights that resulted in a reading or production is Heartland Theatre Company's 10-Miinute Play Contest. This year I submitted my play “Persephone” and it was one of eight new plays selected for Heartland’s 2018 10-Minute Play Festival. I’m very grateful to NYCPlaywrights for the generous free listings and for all your support of playwrights. Thank you! 

Thanks to Jennifer for sharing her theater story and for letting us know she has the following productions coming up for 2019:

—World premiere of EMILY’S ROOM @ Rover Dramawerks (Plano TX) 3/28-4/6
—Reading of ELLERY by The Bechdel Group @ The Tank (NYC) 4/1/19

Share Your Theater Story: Mark Rosati

Thank you Mark for sharing and for your kind words! Congratulations on your shows & readings!
NYC Playwrights is an indispensable resource for playwrights. Over the past five years, I'd say that half of my productions and staged readings resulted from NYC Playwrights, including two festivals in NYC during one month last year. So grateful to Nancy for her tireless work sharing these opportunities!
If you would like to share your theater story of any time you've gotten a production thanks to seeing an opportunity at NYCPlaywrights send us your story - and production pix if possible - to story@nycplaywrights.org

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Share Your Theater Story: Carlos Jerome

Corell Barker-Hall and Rafael Reyes in The Pain Inside at Santa Cruz Actors’ Theatre

Thanks Carlos Jerome for sharing your theater stories - and congratulations on your multi-media success!
nycplaywrights.org has helped me toward a number of productions and readings.  One I’d like to share with you was at Actors’ Theatre of Santa Cruz.  
Having  learned through nycplaywrights.org about the Actors’ Theatre 8 Tens @ 8 Short Play Festival, I submitted my play, The Pain Inside, for their 2017 program.  They accepted it and ran the play (directed masterfully by Robin Aronson) as part of the show though January 2017.  You can see a video of their performance of the play -- with Rafael Reyes and Corell Barker-Hall – on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdyniTOccYJHMx9C6Qi5-Tw  . 
Lawrence Harbison then included the play in his 2017 Best Ten-Minute Plays (Smith & Kraus).

Please continue with the great work at nycplaywrights.org.
If you have a story to tell about finding a home for your work thanks to NYCPlaywrights, let us know by sending your story - and if possible a photo from one of your shows - to story@nycplaywrights.org

Share Your Theater Story: Tom Misuraca

Award-winning production of SHARK WEEK
performed by Shondavette Timm, Pauletta Sataua, and Pamela Wood 
Directed by Maridian Broadus

Thanks to Tom Misuraca for sharing his theater stories. You can hear the interview with Tom and the performance of his SHARK WEEK on the NYCPlaywrights Podcast here:

And congratulations to Tom for having so many theater stories!

2018 has been my most successful year of playwriting to date. And if I don’t owe 90% of that to NYCPlaywrights Blog, I owe more! I won two Playwriting Awards for full-lengths and three Audience favorite awards for ten-minute plays. I had twenty-two short plays produced and seven stage read all over the world: Los Angeles, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, Brooklyn, New York City, Orlando, London and other parts of the UK. I even had a play published in a e-zine in Puerto Rico! Plus, I had a full length play and 11 short plays performed on radio/podcasts… one of those being Shark Week, which was performed on the NYCPlaywrights Podcast, and I had the honor of being interviewed by Nancy. 
Shark Week went on to win Best Play of the Week Three of the North Park Playwrights festival. Thank you, Nancy, for all you do for us.

You can learn more about playwright Tom Misuraca and his work at http://www.tommiz.com

If you have a story to tell about finding a home for your work thanks to NYCPlaywrights, let us know by sending your story - and if possible a photo from one of your shows - to story@nycplaywrights.org

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Share Your Theater Story: Allie Costa

Two Girls - produced in Toronto at the inspiraTO Theatre Festival.
In this haunting and poetic duologue, two women emerge from a violent attack.
Written by Allie Costa, directed by Julia Rowland, featuring Natalie Morgan and Amy O'Grady

Allie Costa responded to our recent blog post Share Your Theater Story.

She writes:

I've had multiple productions thanks to notices I saw on NYCPlaywrights, including the Off-Broadway premiere of TWO GIRLS, produced by the #metoo plays, the first Toronto production of TWO GIRLS at Theatre inspiraTO, the staging of BOXES ARE MAGIC at Four Quarter Theater in New York, and the forthcoming production of WHO SHE COULD HAVE BEEN at Eden Prairie Players. Thank you so much, NYCP!


Thank you Allie for sharing!

NYCPlaywrights wants to hear from those who have used this web site to get theater productions, Send us your story along with images from the show(s) to story@nycplaywrights.org and we will post it on this web site.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Share your theater story

Have you gotten a theater production for your play thanks to seeing a notice at NYCPlaywrights.org?

First - congratulations! - second please share your story with NYCPlaywrights - where was your production? Tell us about your play. Do you have any pix of the cast or the set?

Send your story to story@nycplaywrights.org and with your permission we will share it on this web site.

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